Hungry For A Day – Annual Board Meeting

David Huey contacted me about getting some quick shots of the Hungry For A Day annual board meeting. We partner with Hungry For A Day so I was happy to do it. It was held at the very cool offices of the branding firm eyespeak in Chamblee, GA so I was even able to get a shot of co-founders David and Aaron Palmer jumping into “crash” area for the rock climbing wall. Yes, Eyespeak has a rock climbing wall in their office.

Headshots And More With A Theater Actor

John McQueary is an actor (and also a businessman – he owns his own landscaping company) and contacted me over a month ago needing headshots – asap. In fact, he called me around 1:00pm and said he needed to have a printed headshot for an audition at 6:00pm – that same day. Needless to say, it was a very fast shoot. So fast in fact that I told John we had to get together again so I could furnish him with more images for his portfolio. So a little over a month to the day we did the first shoot, we finished up this week. We shot over near Marietta Square in the alleys behind some of the shops along Church Street. Lot’s of fun and thanks always to my invaluable assistant, Sylvia, who is also my wife.

Business Headshots And Fun

Shane & Jennifer Warawa are a great couple in the Duluth, Georgia area. Jennifer, an executive at Sage, contacted me about getting some new headshots made. While we were at it, I made some of Shane as well, a local golf pro. I threw in some shots of them together for fun. It was a hot day (near 100 degrees when we started at 6:00pm!) but we had a great time and they treated me and my assistant (my wife!) to cold drinks after we were done.

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John Saddington aka Tentblogger

If you have any interesting blogging and doing it successfully, then you need to be reading John Saddington‘s work. He’s been blogging for about a decade and he has written a number of posts designed to help you out.

The question keeps getting asked: “Is blogging dead?” The answer is no. Bad blogging is dead. To have success, it takes work. John can help you out. Recently, he help a meetup at The Work Spot in downtown Duluth to go over some principles about taking blogging to a higher level. It was a good time. Here are some of the images of John in his element. I may give him honorary Italian status considering his penchant for using his hands quite a bit when communicating.

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Ben - June 14, 2012 - 1:46 pm

Those are some great shots. Unfortunately, John was in the way of the whiteboard in every single photo. I want to see that information.

Honoring Those Who Gave Their Lives – Memorial Day

I had a meetup to attend in Duluth, GA this evening. I noticed as I was driving there, the city of Duluth was paying tribute to those veterans who lost their lives in battle by putting up crosses (and other religious signs) along with their name, the war they died in and a flag above it. There were some in the area across the street from The Work Spot where the meeting was being held. I took a few photographs as the sun was quickly setting.

Jonathan Andersen - May 25, 2012 - 9:34 pm

I just browsed through all the photos of your blog and I’m loving what I’m seeing! Perhaps once I get settled in the Atlanta area we could go shoot somewhere for fun. I’ll also keep you in mind if I ever need some portraits.

I’m also liking this theme.

Jay - June 1, 2012 - 12:00 am

Sounds great Jonathan! It was great to meet you!